About us


 We, ENBRY, are a relaxing care brand born from the idea that we want you to have a relaxing time to take care of yourself in your stressful days. 

Relax with all five senses.

Through products that help you find a comfortable time and space to return to yourself,

Warming our hearts in this fast-paced world

From myself to my loved ones,

We aim to be a brand that can connect kindness.


" ENBRY "?


The name "ENBRY" comes from

Let's embrace me. With the wish to connect kindness.

EN - EdgeEmbrace - EmbraceEmbroidery - Embroidery

The name comes from three words.


For mental health and a smile tomorrow through ENBRY

I would be happy if I could help you take care of yourself.


In terms of passing on kindness and compassion to the next generation,

- Use environmentally friendly materials whenever possible
- Supporting environmental conservation organizations through 1% for the Planet

We will cooperate in whatever small way we can.


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