About Us


embrace me

We at ENBRY , during stressful days,

I want you to take care of yourself and have a relaxing time

It is a relaxing care brand that was born from the thought.

Relax with your five senses,

Through products that can help you create a comfortable time and space where you can return to yourself

Warming up the hearts of living in this fast-paced world

From yourself to your loved ones,

We aim to be a brand that connects kindness.


The name "ENBRY"

embrace me With the wish to connect kindness

EN - Rim Embrace - Hug Embroidery - Embroidery

Named after three words.

Through ENBRY, for mental health and tomorrow's smile

I am happy if I can help you take care of yourself.

In terms of connecting kindness and compassion to the next

- Use eco-friendly materials as much as possible
- Supporting natural environment protection groups through 1% for the Planet

Etc., we will cooperate from what we can do even if it is small.