How to Choose a Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets come in a variety of weights and materials.

It is said that the comfortable weight improves sleep quality and supports relaxation, but it is important to choose the right weight and type to apply the right amount of pressure to your body.

If you're not sure which one to choose, here are a few points to consider.

1. Choose based on your weight

When using it while sleeping, it is generally said that the standard is to choose a blanket that is about 10% of your body weight. For example, if you weigh 50kg, a 5kg blanket would be the standard.
However, this is only a general guideline as individual preferences and perceptions may vary.

2. Choose based on comfort

Preferences and comfort levels vary from person to person, so it is very important to choose a weight that feels comfortable to you.
Try wrapping yourself in or covering yourself with a weighted blanket to find a way to use it and a weight that is comfortable for you.
You can also fold it in half or stack it partially to add more weight in the area you want.
If it's too heavy, you may feel cramped, so it's important to choose a weight that applies just the right amount of pressure.

3. Choose based on purpose and location

It is also recommended to choose different weights and sizes depending on the purpose of use, such as a lighter weight for situations where you want to relax and feel calm, and a slightly larger, heavier blanket to improve the quality of your sleep.
The comfortable weight may also vary depending on your physical condition and purpose.
For example, children, older people and people with physical limitations may be better suited to a lighter weighted blanket.

4. Choose by material and type

There are many different types of weighted blankets.
The key points to consider when choosing a material are safety, breathability, and ease of washing and handling. Softness and texture are also important factors for comfort.
The feel of each type is different, so please choose the type you prefer.

Type: Blanket type, knit type, etc. Fabric: Acrylic, cotton, velvet material, etc. Filling: Glass beads, acrylic beads, no filling, recycled polyester cotton, etc.

I have introduced some of the key points above.

We recommend starting with a lighter one and then choosing a weight that feels comfortable and suits your purpose.

A weighted blanket that will transform your everyday time into a relaxing one.

I hope you find the one that's perfect for you.

Why choose an ENBRY weighted blanket?

Soft & Comfy - Gentle weight and comfortable softness

To soothe tired minds and bodies. By adjusting the material and density of the stitches, we have focused on creating a gentle weight and moderate softness that feels like a hug.

OEKO-TEX® STANDARD - 100% reliable material

The cotton is OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified, a mark of being one of the safest textile products in the world.

Eco-Friendly - Eco-Friendly Sustainable

The padding is made of 100% recycled polyester made from PET bottles and other materials that are certified by the Global Recycled Standard (GRS), an international standard for recycled products. We use materials that are environmentally friendly and safe.

Beadless - No glass beads, no worries

Since it does not contain glass beads or other materials that are often stuffed into traditional weighted blankets, there is no need to worry about them spilling.

Breathable - Comfortable all year round

The woven design allows air to circulate easily, making it comfortable to wear all year round, regardless of the season.

Evenly Weighted

Cotton tubes are used to distribute weight evenly across the body. The thickness, density of the stitches, and filling are adjusted so that the contents do not become uneven even when wrapped up, allowing the weight of the body to be distributed evenly.


Each piece is carefully hand-knitted and made just for you.

Washable - Washable and clean

It is washable, so it is safe for homes with children and pets.

*To ensure the product lasts a long time, please refrain from washing it frequently.
*For small stains, we recommend spot cleaning at home.
*Depending on the capacity of your washing machine, it may not be possible to wash it at home.

Share your love - Connecting kindness

A portion of the proceeds from the purchase of your blanket will be donated to various environmental protection organizations through 1% for the Planet. These donations will be used for various activities by environmental protection organizations, such as preserving the natural environment, protecting wildlife and habitats, and improving climate change and pollution issues.